SilverPig in a SilverPorker

Just got married on the 1st of july, and as present my wife had arranged for me to enjoy a spanking new 997 Carrera 4S for a weekend! She's a good girl...

And what a weekend this has been!!! 1300 km of pure fun! I can't remember having driven anything else like it...including Ferrari 550 Maranello, Lambo Gallardo and Porker 996. Even the classic 911 Turbo from back then in the mid 80's seems a much tamer car than this. And at the same time...while whipping it through sharp bends and turns and making 0-100 out of red lights in under 5 seconds, even with 6 speed manual transmission, the missus would have NO problems whatsoever driving the kids to kindergarden every morning, if we would have hade kids that is. Now what other car can do that?! My lottery ticket has been handed in...
















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